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    The restaurant serves European, Mediterranean, and Japanese cuisine. The menu includes world-famous gastronomic hits reinvented by our chef, there is something for everybody’s taste.

    Our entertainment program features themed parties, all kinds of shows, concerts, comedy theatre and live music.

    If you want to have a quiet dinner while peeking at an interesting program, this place is for you. And if you want to enter a swirl of fun, have a memorable evening while taking part in thousands of amusing activities with resident actors of Chaplin Hall, this place is definitely for you!

    Once inside Chaplin Hall, you will see, hear and experience: theatrical plays, comedy shows, concerts, cooking classes, dance shows, circus performances, musicals, poetry readings, contemporary art exhibitions, and lots more – onstage action in all of its forms and unexpected combinations.

    Theatre-restaurant «Chaplin Hall» has two banquet halls and holds all kinds of events from 10 to 250 persons.

    Main hall. The interior design of the place is inspired by the old Parisian theatre. Clean and simple lines, characteristic of the modern age, mix up with vintage details and Greek architectural order reminiscences as a tribute to the ancient roots of the theatre. The hall holds up to 250 persons.

    «Carousel» hall is perfect for a smaller group of people (up to 60 persons). This place, being loyal to its name, is a round-shaped room decorated in a high-tech fashion with a lot of reflecting surfaces and bright details.

    Briefly about the place

    Main hall:

    150 seats

    English bar

    VIP-hall with French panoramic windows facing the Aurora cruiser

    De luxe lounge for 15 guests

    Original cuisine

    Evening shows

    Children’s day-time entertainment on weekends

    Live sport showings

    Opening hours: every day from 12:00 till the last guest

    Location: Pirogovskaya nab., 5/2 (in front of the Aurora cruiser), tel. 8 (812) 605-03-05