Main hall

The creator of Chaplin Hall’s interior is a famous painter and decorator from Saint Petersburg Boris Petrushansky, who is also a head costume designer at «Licedei» theatre as well as one of its co-founders.

As you pass by the black and white Chaplin’s sign on Pirogovskaya embankment, leaving the Aurora cruiser behind, you take the stairs and find yourselves in a theatre lobby decorated with purple velvet and mirrored columns, and then, once down the lit up stairs, you step into Chaplin’s foyer, where merry Fred Astaire is glancing at you from a designer wallpaper along with a soulful-looking ballerina Anna Pavlova resting her head on Charlie Chaplin’s shoulder, who is the reason for all the ideas around here.

Disco-bar Carousel

Another project of the Angels Group holding called Disco-bar Carousel is situated close by Chaplin Hall. This place, being loyal to its name, is a round-shaped room decorated in a high-tech fashion with a lot of reflecting surfaces and bright details. The domination of a circle, dynamic light modules, streamlined shapes, and disco-styled elements of decor make it feel like the room is spinning.